He's In The Cub Scout Now!

So my first grader is officially in the Cub Scout now! I said officially because he's got uniforms and everything that a Cub Scout would need or required! Thanks to my mother-in-law for being so generous and purchasing the uniforms and all, they weren't cheap I tell you!

Anyhow, his first Cub Scout trip was last night. They went to the Nature Center and was studying about wolves which I thought was very neat. My son said he enjoyed it. I am really glad that we decided to signed him up in the Cub Scout because he can learn so much stuff from this, not to mention the socializing with other kids and other adults because he is really lacking on that. He will learn so much things from it, not only physical but also how to respect and value other things! So I am really looking forward for more activities that they are gonna have in the future!

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