Our Christmas Tree Is Up

It may be a little too early to have the Christmas tree up but everybody else is doing it. Heck, even the stores are already selling Christmas stuff before Halloween was even here. So I am just like everybody else who's excited for Christmas! LOL! Well actually I am doing this for my boys. Even if I didn't feel like getting the Christmas tree from our messy storage, I just had to d it for my boys. My oldest son always looks forward of having a Christmas tree. I guess it makes him excited everyday knowing that toy day is fast approaching. And my youngest son who just turned a year old a week ago hasn't really seen the Christmas tree because he was just over a month old when he celebrated his first Christmas. 

And I tell you what, after I got done decorating the tree and turned it on, his whole face lit up and that look of curiosity sparked and at the same time look so delighted of what he was seeing because he has never seen it before. That to me was just priceless! And another priceless moment was when my oldest son came home from spending the night at his nana and saw the Christmas tree all lit up and decorated. He told me how beautiful it looks and how beautiful the ornaments are! I was sure happy to hear those words knowing that he appreciated my work! I could not thank GOD enough for these two beautiful boys that he blessed me! They will always be my Christmas presents!

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