So Let The Countdown Begin...

This handsome little man in the picture above is about to turn a year old in 10 days! I have mixed feelings about it, happy, sad, excited which I think is perfectly normal for parents to feel. Since I don't have anymore plans to have another one in the future, I am really sad that he has grown so fast but yet happy that he is as normal and handsome as he can be. Every time I look at his baby pictures, it is just amazing to me how much he has grown, even his hair! LOL! When he was born he hardly have any hair and now he has a lot of it now! Oh how much I would miss him being a baby! :(

Anyway, as far as the birthday celebration goes, there is not gonna be a big party or things like that. Just a simple celebration with family and some friends like we usually do. For the menu, I am fixing Filipino dishes. I am thinking of getting him two 1/8 sheets of cakes and I want one of the cakes to be a picture cake. So I am gonna have to take picture of him to print out so I can give it to the deli when I order his cake. I mean I am really excited for him to be turning one but I can't help it to be sad as well. This is just one of those things that are inevitable wether I like it or not!

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