A Horrible Day Yesterday!

Yesterday was just a long and agonizing day for all of us! Not only that we had to put up of our little one's temper tantrum but we were worried to death of our oldest son. He was throwing up all day yesterday. I don't know if he ate something bad or caught something like a stomach bug. He wasn't running any fever and his stomach wasn't really hurting he said, just a little queasy! He at least threw up about 10 times or more since he got up that morning.

Thankfully, after resting enough he was feeling better by supper time and was able to hold his food without throwing up! Thank God he's completely better now! I was praying really hard yesterday that he'll feel better soon! I really hate seeing any of my kids suffering like that!

Anyhow, today seems like it's gonna be a much better day. The sun is even shining outside. My oldest son is really excited because his sissy is coming tonight from Florida to spend Christmas with us. He has been looking forward to seeing her again!

Anyway, hope you guys will have a wonderful Christmas season! Three more days and we will be celebrating Jesus birthday. So I wanna go ahead and greet you all in advance "Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!"

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