A Successful Award Ceremony!

I am so very proud of my son for getting so many awards from last night's Cub Scout's Award Ceremony. I did not think, he'll be getting that much for the fact that he just started about 2 months ago. But even if he didn't get any I would still be very proud of him. He is doing such a wonderful job participating in the Cub Scout. That was such a very good decision in our part to let him join. 

And of course I have to give credits to my mother-in-law for taking him to every meeting and activities that they had. I only been to two of their activities, it's because I just can't deal having to drag my youngest son too. It's not easy to do it and I couldn't just leave him home with his daddy for some personal reasons. 

Anyway, I am just so glad that I was there last night to witness the ceremony and see my son received his awards. I was a one proud mama last night and still very proud of him. I made sure I told him that how pleased I was of him! So lucky to have a wonderful son like him!

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