Busy, Busy Month!

Well hello December and bye-bye November! Unbelievable! Can you guys believe that this year is almost over? We are now in the last month of this year, it seems like it was just yesterday when everybody was so anxious of the year 2012 and look at us now about to face the new year 2013 in about a month!

But of course, we have to face Christmas first and I am pretty sure everybody is excited about it especially the kids! I know my 6-year old is! So I started Christmas shopping early and as what I've stated on my previous post that I am almost done with my Christmas shopping! Good thing because this month is gonna be very busy for us or should I say ME! Aside from preparing for the upcoming Christmas, I am also having to deal with my son's school activities as well as his Cub Scout activities. 

Next week alone, my son will be having some kind of Winter Music Fest at their school and some gingerbread making activity on the 7th. I am really excited about it but it's like I won't be able to keep with all these activities but I am gonna have to for the sake of my child! Hehe! Actually I'm excited for all of these events!

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