Not Happy Of The Personalized Photo Christmas Cards

I always like to make personalized photo Christmas cards to send out to friends and family every Christmas and this year's card I am not happy at all. Well, it's not anybody else's fault but mine alone. I ordered our photo Christmas cards at Shutterfly online this time. Last year I ordered it at Walmart.

Anyway, it wasn't the site's fault. I picked out a plain collage Christmas card and didn't even think of how small the card is and I put about 12 photos in it. So when it came, it was really a big disappointment for me because it doesn't even look like Christmas cards. It looks just like a regular photo collage and a text greetings on the bottom which by the way is way too small! Even my husband didn't like it either but nothing we can do about it now. I am still gonna send it to my friends and family as greeting cards for I paid a lot money for it. Next time I'll just have to be careful!

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