14 Months Old And Still Nursing

Weaning off my 14-month old son is way, way harder to do than I thought. He just turned 14 months old a week ago and yes he is still breastfeeding. Our (me and my husband) original plan was to wean him off when he gets teeth but since he didn't get teeth until after he turned a year old it took that long to start it. He is not willing to let go yet and not anytime soon either. Although he is a lot of solid foods, he is still wanting to nurse as much as he can get it.

It gets really inconvenience for all of us especially at night time. I've tried many time to wean him but it is just not working. And lately, he has not been sleeping good at night. He will only sleep about 30 minutes at the most. I just don't know what's going on but I am gonna have to try even harder to try to wean him off because I really don't want him to breastfeed until he turns two years old!

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