What A Beautiful Day It Was!

It was such a beautiful day today. My youngest son really enjoyed the time he spent outside. He was just all over the place and touching every little things he saw. I am really glad that he had so much earlier. He has been so miserable lately. He has some kind of viral infection which gave his little tongue this white looking blister which I think is painful. Since that blister showed up a while ago, he has not been eating good lately. Good thing he is still breastfeeding because that's pretty much the food he is able to take!

I looked it up on the internet and I read that it is only a one time thing and won't never come again! Unfortunately there's no medicine for it. We will just have to wait until it will go away by itself. Thank goodness it seems like it is going away! I can't wait for my baby to heal completely. I am just so happy to see him enjoy the weather outside! Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather outside!

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