For weeks, I have seen several of my friends on my facebook posting this dish that we call in the Philippines "Binignit". I don't know the English term for it, but it is called "Ginataan" in Tagalog. I've made this before and today was my second time. The first one that I made I didn't really like much. This second one is much better compared to the first one.

It is really hard to make 
it exactly like in the Philippines since I can't find all the ingredients here. And the coconut milk that I used was from a can. In the Philippines, we use a freshly squeezed coconut, so right there will already make the difference from the taste that I am accustomed in the Philippines.

Anyway, this time my ingredients were only coconut milk, tapioca pearls, plantain bananas, sweet potato, brown sugar and a drop or two of vanilla extract. I have been craving this and today I ate all day just to satisfy my craving! I think I have enough of it. It will be a while before my taste buds will be looking for this!

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