"Hubby's World Famous Veggie Sandwich"... what my husband told me to name this veggie sandwich he made a while back. Oh gosh, this was really a very scrumptious veggie sandwich, probably the best one I have ever tasted in my 26 years of existence! Just looking at the picture makes me drool and wants to have one right now. Ahhh, I need to tell my husband to make this sandwich again. It is really yummy and at the same very healthy. 

It is made with avocado, tomato, onion, spinach and a special sauce that he won't tell me. He said it is a secret that he do not want to share with anybody even me! That's well and fine with me, it just means that whenever he wants to eat this sandwich that he'll have to make it  his self, means less work for me! LOL! Anyhow, I attach another picture, a closer view of the sandwich below..


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Luna Miranda said...

a healthy sandwich!
pretty colors.:p

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