Out Of School All Week

This is the fourth day that my son missed school. I cannot say that he is getting better, I mean one minute he's better then the next minute he'll be feeling so bad. I feel really sorry for him. I really hate when something like this happens! This is the worst I've seen him sick. 

When I took him to his doctor the other day, they took a swab of his saliva and some mucus in his nose and it came out normal. His doctor said that he is just sick, so she wrote him a note so that he can stay home all week. 

I am not a bit worried about him getting behind in school. He is a very smart kid, I am pretty sure he won't have hard time to catch up. I just want him to get better so he can go back to school and see his friends. He already said that he wants to go back to school, but he just can't send him if he's not better. :(

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