Poked With Six Needles

My over a year old son had an appointment this morning for his annual check-up. Since my oldest son is sick, we called the doctor's clinic yesterday and asked if we can squeezed him in so he can be checked and find out what's wrong with him. He has been sick since Saturday and had to missed school yesterday. Good thing, there was no school today due to the weather. But it seems like he is not getting any better.

Anyway, back to my youngest son. The nurse mentioned that he'll be getting his vaccines, she didn't specify how much. She asked me if I want him to get his flue shot, so I went ahead and told her yes for I was scared he might get the flue and get really sick. We waited in the room, several minutes later, two nurses came in with big pile of syringes. I was shocked to see 6 injections that they were gonna give to my one year old son. They gave it to him in both of his thighs and did it at the same time 3 times. I almost cried when I saw my son started crying and his whole face turned red like a tomato. It just broke my heart big time. I know that was very painful!

I don't even like getting one shot and I'm an adult. I can't imagine how painful it must have been for my son to get 6 needles poked in his little thighs. Oh gosh how I hated that moment! My oldest son got so scared that he might get one too, so he personally asked his doctor if he was getting a shot. To his relief, the doctor said no that he already had all of that. If I have known that they were gonna give him that much, I would have just said no to the flue shot and get in the next time!

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