So Proud Of Myself

I am just proud of myself for doing the household chores first! The house needed cleaning bad although it wasn't that long ago that I just cleaned it! If you have two kids running around, it doesn't matter if you clean everyday it would still be cluttered. I just don't have the time to clean everyday, I mean really, who cleans their house everyday? 

Anyhow, I always try my best to clean every week like major cleaning, vacuuming the bedrooms dusting, mopping, clean the two bathrooms, etc. But I must admit that there are weeks that I just don't feel like doing it that it would take 2 or more weeks before I can get to it. I know it sounds bad but I am sure I am not alone on that.

Anyway, since I am done doing the chores. The rest of the day is for my relaxation. And that usually means just sitting around on the couch in front of my laptop or tapping on my IPod which by the way what I am doing right now as I'm typing this post trying to finish my online task! Feels really nice not having to worry about the house looking like s**t! LOL!

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