Starting To Potty Train Him

It's about time to try to potty train my 15 month-old son. I actually started introducing him to the toilet over two weeks  ago. Yesterday, he successfully did a long one in the toilet from start to finish, with my assistant of course. I noticed yesterday that he was being so still and was grunting which usually indicates that he is trying to poop in his diaper but I immediately took him to the toilet and sat him down and there it was falling in the toilet. I was really glad that he did it! Perhaps, I won't have hard time potty training him...

Anyhow, the potty trainer seat you see above is what I just bought a few minutes ago for him. I decided to buy a seat that will just go on a toilet rather than the ones that you sit on the floor for we do not have a space for in the kid's bathroom. Hopefully, my little one will enjoy sitting on his new throne! LOL!

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