Another Trip To The Doctor

Yesterday when my oldest son got home from school, he was running a fever again of almost 102 degrees. Whatever it was he got 2 weeks ago came back. He was complaining about his stomach hurting and was just crying uncontrollably. I just hate to see him in pain. So my husband called his pediatrician asking for some medicine. But she won't give out any unless she sees them. My youngest son also caught what my oldest son had, well actually, all of us got it now!

Anyhow, so the nurse told my husband that they are gonna have to come to the clinic to see the doctor and so she could look at them. This morning, we went there and she looked at them and basically said that there is not much she can do,  giving him antibiotics  won't do any good since it is some form of virus and it will just make it worse. She asked if his stomach has been  hurting and I told her yes and she told us that there has been a lot of kids that has the same issue. She at least gave him some medicine to take for that. Whatever it is he/we got, I hope it will go away soon! It really pains me to see my kids suffering!

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