Doing So Well On His Potty Training

I am proud to say that my soon-to-be 16-month old son is doing so good potty training. Since I bought his potty trainer seat about 3 weeks ago, he hardly did the long one in his diaper. In fact, today was the only time that he did it again in his diaper. It's because I got so busy doing something and didn't notice that he needed to do the long one. By the time that I noticed it and took him to the bathroom to potty, he already done it.

But it didn't matter to me! He is doing so well considering he is only 16-month old, well not quite, in about a week more, he'll be officially 16-month old! He is not able to do it on his own yet, I still have to assist and watch him and if I think that he needs to go, I'll ask him if he wants to potty and if he does, he will head towards the bathroom which I find so cute!

If we keep working together, in no time, he'll be potty trained completely. Perhaps, before he'll even turn two years old. That will be great! But of course I am not gonna pressure him or anything like that. I will just keep doing what I'm doing and he'll eventually learn how to do on his own!

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