Enjoying The Snow!

It's not me nor my youngest son who was enjoying the snow but my oldest son. I don't know how he can tolerate to be outside in that kind of temperature. He was really thrilled to see plenty of snow outside when he woke up this morning, we probably accumulated about 5 inches since last night. The school called and all the schools in our county as well as the other counties are closed. My oldest son got really excited that he didn't have to go to school but instead get to play outside in the snow.

My youngest son never been outside before with this much snow, so I decided to go out as well so I could let him experience what it feels like to be in the snow. I don't think he enjoyed it very much as his big brother did. He didn't move a muscle unless we were dragging him with us and he was just out of balance for some reason that he kept falling face down. I guess the snow was too thick that it was so hard for him to balance himself.

But anyway, after about 5 minutes of being outside I couldn't stand it anymore and I knew my youngest son was freezing for his face and nose were so red! So I told my oldest that we were going in but he insisted to stay outside and play for a while, so I let him while me and youngest son went inside. 

My oldest son stayed out for at least 30 minutes more before he finally decided to go back inside complaining that he was freezing! LOL! I told him before I went back inside the house to enjoy his stay outside as much as he can because once he come back inside, I woundn't let him go back out again and I guess he just did that! 

Anyhow, I am glad that there are people like my son who enjoys this kind of weather. Winter can be very beautiful but it is just not for me! I am just so ready for spring and I want it NOW!!!!

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