He's Feeling So Bad!

When my oldest son got sick a week ago, I feared that my youngest son will get it too and sure enough, what I feared for happened! He started getting a fever just two days after my oldest son got over being sick.

One of the worst days a parent faces in their lives is when the kids get sick. It is not a good feeling seeing your kid not feeling good. My youngest son has been running a fever on and off for 3 days now. Nothing really we can do about it since he's only 15 months old and couldn't give him any medicine. And besides, when I took my oldest son to his pediatrician, there was nothing much she can do either except for recommending for him to rest more and drink plenty of liquid.

That is what I have been trying to do with my youngest son but he doesn't have that much appetite. God thing that I haven't weaned him off yet because that's pretty much the only food he is getting! I just hope he'll get better really soon for I hate to see my kids sick! :(

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