Enjoying His Spring Break

My first grader's Spring Break started yesterday and he won't be going to school until next Monday. So far, he is enjoying his Spring Break although we are not going or we haven't taken him anywhere. He is just satisfied playing at home with his brother, watching TV, and play video games. Yesterday he spent the night at his nana's house.

If it was all up to him, he can spend the rest of his week over there. It's not that he don't want to spend time with us, it's just that his nana lets him do whatever do he wants over there. There is no limitation for him over there and that's why we did not allow for him to spend the nights over there all week. He usually just spends the night every Friday nights but he has been so good lately that we decided to let him spend the night yesterday, tomorrow and Friday again.

So that should satisfy him. I am also planning on taking him somewhere, perhaps to the mall's play area. He seemed to enjoy it very much the last time we went there. I also want to visit VS so that I can redeem my Free VS Mist. Hopefully I will be able to go before this week is over...

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