Glad To Get Some Chores Done!

It's only half of the day gone and I've already got some chores done. I am glad that I decided to them early after I took my son to the bus stop. Usually, I go back to sleep but I decided not to this morning with that intent of doing some cleaning, thank God my laziness didn't take over! Now the house looks pretty decent. Did some dusting, vacuuming the living room as well as my son's bedroom, cleaned the bathroom and did some paper sorting and threw all the ones that are not important. I even gave the baby a bath already! 

After I did all of that, I decided to take a nap with my youngest son and just woke up a minutes ago and fixed lunch already for my husband, me and youngest son. I still got tons to do but I don't think I'll be doing them today. I am planning to replant my Moringa or Kamunggay plant to a bigger pot. 

It's about time to take it outside but I am only taking outside during the day when the sun is out and bring it inside when the sun goes down. I only have one plant this year and I sure don't anything to happen to it! Anyhow, it is another gorgeous day outside, it would be perfect to go out to the porch and do my replanting! I hope you are all having a wonderful day as well!

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