He Turned 20 Years Old!

Above is my youngest brother and my nephew, his oldest son. My youngest brother turned 20 years old today here and yesterday in the Philippines. I feel bad that I didn't call him to wish him a Happy Birthday but I did send some money over there the other day and I made sure to give him a little money for his birthday. I also texted my younger sister on Chikka and told her to greet Jess a Happy Birthday for me. I hope he's not upset that I didn't do it personally, but I don't think he's that sensitive.

Anyhow, now that he's 20 years old, it just made me realized that we are really getting older! I will be celebrating my 27th birthday in less than 3 months and I kinda dreading it! LOL! Oh how time flies! I remember before I left my native land, he was just so tiny and when we visited there last 2009, I was really shocked to see how much he had grown! And now, he's got family of his own and has two adorable boys just like me! I wish I can go back to the Philippines so I can see all my adorable nephews and niece!

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