I Need A New Shoe Organizer

I am currently using an over-the-door organizer for my shoes which is hanging on my closet door and I always dread opening my closet because every time I open it, my shoes starts falling. I have such a small closet and too much stuff is cram in there. I really need a much better shoe organizer. I don't have any choice but to stick to the over-the-door organizer since we do not have enough space in our bedroom for some kind of shelf dedicated for my shoes.

But I need a better one where at least it will keep my shoes from falling off because it is really starting to get on my nerve! There was one point there that when almost all my shoes started falling down, I just threw them wherever I can threw them because I got so irritated. Well, its my dang fault for having too much shoes when I can only wear one at a time but what can I say, I just love shoes and I am not a shame to say that it is one of my addictions. 

Right now, I have over 30 pairs, it may not sound much to others but it is a lot to me and I am thinking seriously to get rid off some of them. There is just no point on keeping them when I don't want to wear them anymore. But first, I got to find a nice and sturdy over-the-door organizer that will at least keep my shoes from falling off!

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