Turning 7 Years Old In Three Days

Picture above is the most recent picture of my oldest son. He is gonna be turning 7 years old in about 3 days. Such a handsome young man he is. The older he gets, the handsomer he is getting. What can I say I love my own and even if he's not my own flesh and blood, I would still think the same way!

Anyhow, I'm not planning on having a party. I'm just cooking a few of our favorite dishes and have some cake and ice cream. It is also my mother-in-law's birthday the next day so I am thinking to just celebrate their birthdays at the same time. I've been doing that actually for the past 3 years and I wasn't gonna do it this year but I think it is a lot better to just to do it again.

Anyway, I told my son the other day that he won't be getting a cake this time and to my surprised he said it's okay as long as he's got presents! LOL! He is getting older indeed! But that's not going to happen at all, he will have a Super Mario cake again like specifically asked a week ago before I told him that he's not gonna have a cake. He's gonna be surprised, I hope he does because we're not telling him anything, he will just to find it out when he comes home from school what his birthday is gonna be! :)

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