Going To The Pool As An Award For Getting Perfect Attendance

My  first grader and a few of his classmates will be going to the pool next Wednesday as an award for getting a perfect attendance in their 4th nine weeks of this school year! I am really thrilled about this. This is the first time he ever perfected his attendance in school. The first 3 semesters he'd missed  several days due to some health issues. I am just so glad that this last semester he didn't get sick at all and got a perfect attendance finally!

Anyhow, while me and my husband were running for some errands today, he dropped me at the thrift store and I got to pick out a swimming trunks for him to be worn next week. His swimming trunks is a little too small for him now, so I decided to find him one while I was there. I really don't mind my kids or me wearing hands down or used clothing from thrift stores or yard sales. I think it is a lot smarter to do it that way since they outgrow the clothes very fast and in my opinion it is really a waste of money when you buy a brand new ones and won't be able to wear it for a long time. 

But I've known some people who are very picky when it comes to wearing used clothes. Well, everybody is different and they have their own reasons as to why they choose to be that way. As for me, I just feel like that I don't have the right to be choosy based on where I came from, a 3rd world country like the Philippines, one of the poorest country you can think of. But then again, everybody is entitled to their rights! And if they choose to be picky of what kind of clothes to put on, then let them be! It's really none of my business! LOL! As long as my family don't mind it, then it's all good. But for the record, I do buy my kids brand new clothes. My point is that I don't really care if the clothes is brand new or used, the main thing for me is that they are clean before my kids wear them! PERIOD!

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