Kitchen Was Flooded

I have been washing clothes all day and I am not even done yet! The last load is in the washer right now and I am gonna have to run another cycle to wash it really good because I used those dirty clothes to dry our kitchen floor that got flooded a while ago. Somehow, the drain tube got pulled out who knows why or how but me and husband heard a weird noise that sounded like the washer was running a fast water which was very unusual I thought because our washer never run water that fast. 

Anyway, I told my husband to check it out for I was worried that it was our washer overflowing or something and instead, he asked my son to go check the washer if it's open or overflowing, so the son checked it out and said it was closed and nothing seemed to be out of order. Well, a few minutes later, I asked my son to get his brother's milk in the fridge and said that there was a bunch of water on kitchen floor. I did not really worry about it, I thought it was just a little water got spilled on the floor. 

But sure enough when I went to the kitchen, almost the whole floor was flooded! I mean it's not just wet, it was FLOODED! My husband checked if it was the washer, evidently, the tube for the drain of the washer was pulled out and the rinse water got drained inside! Talking about frustrated! More work for me to do when I was already struggling with a bunch of stuff! But thank goodness I managed to dry the kitchen floor using the dirty clothes to soak the water. It even got onto our bedroom carpet, it was soaking wet! But I got most of the water out! Now I am really exhausted! That's the second time we got flooded inside! Thank goodness there was no serious damage!

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