Mombo Nursing Pillow By ComfortHarmony

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Yesterday I received a free mombo nursing pillow courtesy of ComfortHarmony! I have two boys, my oldest one was breastfed until he was only 8 months and my youngest one is still breastfeeding and he is 18-month old! I tell you, the first thing that popped into my head after trying the nursing pillow was, "how in the world did I survive those years without this pillow?". I mean I am not exaggerating, this pillow really brings comfort not only to the baby but also to me. The soft fabric feels really good to the skin and there is also this vibration unit that you can easily stick inside the pillow for a gentle soothing vibration that makes the baby relax!

In fact, it's not only my 18-month old who loves that pillow but also my 7-year old son! He just couldn't get enough of how soft and comfortable that pillow is. Below are some snapshots of my boys enjoying this wonderful pillow!

Here is my 18-month old son just enjoying and relaxing on his new pillow likes there's no tomorrow! LOL! I actually enjoyed that moment because he was just being so quiet! We had a little peace for a moment! LOL!

And here are my two boys both wanted to lay down on the pillow. I kept telling the big one that it is a nursing pillow to be used when his brother nurses on me so we can both be comfortable but he just can't get over how comfortable it is!

Anyhow, if you are interested to get one for yourself or for family members or for close friends who is a nursing baby or going to have a baby, you can get it at Baby R US! You can also like Comfort & Harmony on Facebook or follow Comfort & Harmony on Twitter!

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