Schedule Is Back To Normal

My schedule is back to normal thank goodness. I have been really busy this past week preparing for my son's little surprise 7th birthday which turned out to be a success. We celebrated his birthday with my mother-in-law since hers was the next day. They both had a wonderful time especially my son who got everything on his wishlist! 

The other event last week was my friend's baby shower which was held yesterday after the mass and it was a big success too. She got a lot of nice presents for her baby girl. It won't be long until she'll be able to see her. I am very excited too. I sure miss holding a newborn. My youngest son is not a baby anymore. He's gonna be 18-month old this month. Ohhh how time flies!

Anyhow, it is sure nice not having to worry about anything else. Well, Sunday is Mother's day but I already got something for my mother-in-law for my boys to give. The only thing I need is something to give her from me and my husband which shouldn't be a problem since I still have plenty of days to look for that perfect gift!

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