The Kids Are The Glue That Bonds Us As Family

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There's no questioning about it, our kids are the glue that bonds us as family! I have been married to my husband for over 8 years now. I got pregnant with our first child a few months after we got married. I tell you, our first few years of marriage weren't the greatest and I hate to admit that there were more bad memories than good. Those years were really tough for me. I was all by myself in this strange land, I was only 18 years old when I came here to America to marry my husband. We have a big age difference and that's one of the reasons why we were having such hard times with each other. It was hard for me to adjust because I was not fully matured! Every time we get into a big argument over something, I always wanted to leave but thanks to my first child, I didn't do such foolish thing for I did not want to leave him. I love him so much that I just couldn't live my life knowing that I abandoned my only child back then. I would be a very selfish mother if I have done it and this marriage would have not worked out and lasted this long if I had given up.

So today my husband and I are different people. All the changes happened when I got pregnant with my second child 2 years ago. I can tell that I am more mature now than I used to. My husband is more understanding than ever. Thanks to my kids for they are the reasons why we are still a family today! It is still not perfect but there's no such thing as perfect! But we are definitely happier now! One thing that I've learned from the past is that you just got to believe that there is always good awaiting when there is something bad. I mean not all the time, just like what the Allstate Good Life believed in that you don't have to wait for the bad things to happen in order for the good things to come. Just stay positive and optimistic!

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