A Very Scary Morning!

A very scary incident for me happened this morning in our house and it involved my youngest son. Thank GOD he didn't get hurt seriously and the only thing that was damaged was the glass from my China cabinet that got broken when it got hit by my youngest son's head.

Yes you heard it right! He was playing with the barstool, he turned it over on its side to ride on it as a car. He was playing for a few minutes when all of a sudden I heard this loud noise from a broken glass and when I turned around, my son was laying on the floor kinda disoriented and big cracks on the glass of my cabinet and some pieces on the floor. When I picked him up, I was so afraid to look at the back of his head, I was kinda expected that there would be a big cut and blood would just start pouring from his head but thank GOD for watching over him and keeping him safe for there was not a single cut can be seen on any parts of his body! I actually consider it as a little miracle!

Anyway, I managed to snap a couple of pictures of the cabinet after I've checked my son and made sure that he was safe. It was indeed a very scary morning, probably one of the scariest incidents for me! I am may be overreacting but what I saw earlier was truly terrifying to me and I have all the rights in the world to overreact for no mother in their good minds would want to see their kids get hurt!

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