Going On A Diet

So I already decided that I am going on a diet for about a week or two. This is not gonna be a regular diet like eating salad or fruits. The diet that I have chosen to go onto is called a "Juice Diet". I selected this specific diet because it is proven that it is effective and I've seen it with my own eyes too! My husband went onto this diet several months ago and it was amazing and impressive how much he had lost!

I am very thankful that he will be doing this diet again. Even if he didn't have to, he didn't really gain the weight back. He lost about 30 lbs while he was on the diet for about 2 months. He's doing the diet again to lose 20 more lbs! I really applaud him for making this smart decision. He also convinced my mother-in-law and stepdaughter to do it with us, so it's gonna be the whole family who's gonna be doing this juice diet except for the two little ones! 

We will be starting tomorrow, we will see who will lose most weight and who have the most will power to go through it for about a week or two. I know my husband does, so it's gonna be between us three girls! And for that, GOODLUCK to us three!

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