He's Officially Weaned Off!

 I couldn't be any happier of the fact that my youngest son is finally and officially weaned off breastfeeding. It's been over a week ago when I decided to try it out again and this time I am successful. It wasn't easy but we definitely worked it out! Picture above was taken in the early days of the process. I tell you that he wasn't a happy camper at all! I really felt bad for him but he is getting too old to still be breastfeeding, so I really didn't have that much choice. 

Now he doesn't look for it anymore. I just give him his sippy cup full of fresh milk and he'll drink it before bedtime. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, I just do the same thing and he'll just go back right to sleep without fussing like he used to do when he didn't get his ninny! Gosh, I am just so thankful that we're over this stage. Now we're gonna have to focus on potty training him, so he will be potty trained before he turns two!

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