Prouder Than Ever!

My son had their last award ceremony last Friday. The teacher had already mentioned on the bulletin paper that everybody will be receiving an award. I knew that my son will be getting a perfect attendance award, they already got rewarded actually by their teacher by going to the pool. Going to their class award ceremony last Friday, I didn't expect at all that he'll be getting more awards. Yes indeed another proud moment for me that day! Prouder of him more than ever!

Anyway, below are some photos of him receiving his awards. First pic on top from the left was when he was getting his Achievement Award for perfecting a Math test in 8 minutes. Second pic on top was when he was getting his Tech Support Award for being a big help to others with technology (computer)! I have never thought those times he spent on the computer would ever pay off like this! I guess he was learning from it after all! Third pic on the bottom left was when he was receiving his perfect attendance award and lastly my proud baby boy posing with his awards!

Below are the awards that my son received! This is a big milestone and achievement for him and I am so very proud of him. He truly exceeded my expectations!

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