Turning 27 In A Little Over A Week

Yup! I am turning 27 years old in a little over a week! Before, I was dreading to be in that number because it is only 3 years before I reach 30 and to me, I consider it old once someone reach 30. But now, I am realizing that those are just numbers. The important thing is how I feel inside. I really don't feel like I am turning 27, in fact, I still feel the same when I was 16 years old! LOL! I am also very THANKFUL to our good LORD above for giving me another year to be with my family. I am also very THANKFUL for all the things that HE showered me, small and big things especially for my two beautiful boys!

Anyway, now I am really excited for my upcoming birthday next week. Since I was on the diet for almost a week, I already told my better half that I want to go to the Chinese Buffet on my birthday! Nobody should tell me NO on my special day and I am looking forward to it. I know it will put more weight on me but I am gonna work HARDER to sweat it out!!

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