$650+ Worth Of Family Portrait!

I have never thought that having a family portrait done by a professional photographer could cost as much as $650+ and that's with 50% off discount! That's how much exactly what we paid yesterday at our supposedly family portrait for our church directory. We were gonna get a free 8x10 picture and a directory and we weren't oblige to buy any packages if we didn't want to. 

But what had happened was, why we ended up buying a $650+ worth of family portrait was because, we were all such a big sucker that we fell for the photographer's sales pitch! I know it sounds bad, we could've avoided it by being stern at the very beginning that we didn't want any picture packages but we were trying to be civilized people that we let him do his job and there's the outcome that we have to deal with! I mean I love the pictures but definitely not worth $650+!!

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