He Would Have Been 57 Years Old Today!

My papa would have turned 57-years old today American time and yesterday Philippine time. He passed away almost a year ago, a week after his 56th birthday. Nobody really expected that it will happened that soon because although he was sick, he seemed to be surviving and getting better everyday even when he was still drinking alcohol when he wasn't supposed to. I guess the alcohol finally took its toll! 

Although my papa had an alcohol problem, I know for sure that he is in the arms of our CREATOR for he was such a good person! He would help a complete stranger the best he can if someone ask his help. He had such a soft heart that it will be hard for him to refused. I've witnessed it many times growing up!

Anyway, I do miss my father very much but I don't feel miserable anymore and I am at peace that he is gone because he is in good hands and in a much better and peaceful place! One day, we will be reunited again!

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