New Wardrobes For My Boys!

Yesterday was such a perfect timing for us to go to the mall for there were a lot of stores that were having a good sale and that's including JCPenney and Belks! It was supposed to be my post-birthday shopping. I received some cash as birthday presents from my better half and mother-in-law and the point of us going to the mall yesterday was to spend my birthday money. Yes I spent it alright, but not on myself but to my boys! A lot of good deals on kids clothing yesterday that I couldn't refuse so I ended up spending my birthday money on new wardrobes for my boys!

But there's no regret at all! I feel good doing it especially when the clothing that I bought are name brands like Oshkosh and paid less than 5 bucks for them! I didn't really see some good deals on the adult clothing for me! Well I did find one cute top at JCPenney, on sale for $2 plus additional 25% off, so I only paid $1.58 for it including tax! Now that's what I call a good deal! Unfortunately, that was the only top that I found that cheap!

Anyway, all and all our little trip to the mall yesterday was fun. I took my boys to the play area afterwards and they had a blast! Seeing them had a good time and interact with other kids was a much better treats than buying new clothes for me! :)

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