Rashes Are Still A Mystery!

We still couldn't figure out what these rashes on my youngest son's face! I notice it Sunday morning, you can't hardly see it but it got worse and worse as days pass by. We thought it was some kind of allergic reaction. We gave him some children's over-the-counter allergy medicine but it didn't work at all, so allergy is out of the question. Then we thought of a much serious problem which is the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which is caused by tick bites. See a week ago, I found a tick biting him behind his ear. 

We were worried that might be it but when we went to see his pediatrician today, she assured us that it is not a Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever because he didn't have any other symptoms other than the rashes. He is still normal, he's not having a fever or not feeling sick. His pediatrician couldn't tell us exactly what these rashes are! She didn't think that it is an allergic reaction either. She ordered for some blood test and we won't find out the result until about Friday. So these rashes still remains a mystery to us! Hopefully it is nothing serious!

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