The Best Defense Against Bedwetting

This post brought to you by GoodNites. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most of us if not all have experienced bedwetting at some point in our lives and it is not fun at all. I know when I was a child, my siblings and I were so bad at it. Just imagine waking up in the morning soaking wet and on top of that, your parents jumping your butt for making a big mess! Oh yes, I have experienced it myself and having two kids of my own right now, it is indeed irritating when your child wake up with the bed soaking wet! Now I fully understand why my parents yelled at us when we wet the bed for even though it was inevitable, it was a lot of work cleaning the mess!

Anyhow, I have two boys, one is 7-years old and one is almost 2 years old. Although my oldest son doesn't wet the bed anymore, there is still time when it happens occasionally like one time a year perhaps. So that's actually not what I am worried about now. I have been trying to potty train my youngest son. Having to experienced how pain it is in the hind in to potty train a child with my oldest son, I thought it would be better to introduce potty training to my youngest son early. He has been in training for about 6 months now. My goal is to have him fully potty trained before he turns 2 years old this November, so we can save a little money from buying diapers. He is doing good in doing the long one in the toilet but as far as peeing in the potty, he is still not use to it. But with little steps at a time, I know we will reach that goal before November is here.

So I was given a chance to particpate in  GoodNites undercover mission to battle against bedwetting. When I received my sample, the first thing that I noticed was the cute design and it was also the first thing that my youngest son noticed when I put it on him the first night. What I love most about the GoodNites underwear is how absorbent it is. Before, my son used to wake several times at night because his diaper gets soaking wet that it gets so uncomfortable for him! But using the GoodNites underwear, he slept all through the night comfortably. Below are photos of my son wearing the GoodNites underwear...

The GoodNites underwear is the best defense against bedwetting for me. I know my son and I will reach that goal with the help of GoodNites underwear. If you want to know more about this product, you can check out GoodNites Facebook page to engage a parent-to-parent network conversations about bedwetting. You can also sign up for the undercover mission online for the chance to win weekly prizes.

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