The Benefits of Commerical Mowers for Your Business

Mowing the lawn not only creates curb appeal, but helps provide an even distribution of nutrients to the whole yard. As a lawn care professional, mowing will be required on a regular basis by all of your clients. Having the proper equipment will not only make the lawn look better, but can help each job be completed more efficiently. Commercial lawn mowers from companies such as ExMark can increase maneuverability, speed, and safety for both you and your employees.

Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Zero-turn mowers have decreased the time it takes to mow a lawn, particularly for large, open areas. This is mainly due to the fact that zero-turn mowers have a zero-turn radius, hence the name. Unlike regular lawn tractors, a zero-turn mower turns 180 degrees around its own axis, reducing missed areas and the number of passes required to finish the job. Zero-turn mowers also tend to operate at higher speeds, and being a commercial mower, have a larger mowing deck. The mowing deck will often be located in the front of the mower, providing an increased maneuverability around objects and a better view to the driver of any obstacles that may be present. The front deck also allows a closer cut to obstacles, reducing the need for additional trimming later. Many zero-turn riding mowers allow for the addition of attachments such as fertilizer spreaders, dethatchers, mulchers, blowers, collection systems, and hitches for towing.

Stand-On Mowers

Another commercial mower that has been gaining popularity in the lawn care industry is stand-on mowers. Rather than walking behind or sitting upon the mower, the operator stands upon a platform on the rear of the mower. This allows for more versatility on changing terrain that would not be safely capable by other types of mowers, such as on slopes. The operator is also easily able to quickly get on and off the mower, increasing safety and reducing time. Just as with the zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers have the deck located on the front for better viewing and increased maneuverability. Stand-on mowers are able to handle both large and smaller projects, as they tend to be more compact in size than zero-turn riding mowers. The compact size also allows for more room when loading equipment between jobs. In the end, commercial mowers such as those from ExMark or similar mower companies can help increase the efficiency of your lawn care business for jobs of all sizes.

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