We Need A New Tablecloth Bad!

Looking at the tablecloth pictured above, you would think that it has been used for how many years when in fact, I only had it for several months. It looks pitiful and needs replacing bad! I guess when you have rough kids around the house, cheap vinyl tablecloth like this doesn't last that long. I've used cloth tablecloth before which I didn't really like much. 

I mean it is nice that you can reuse it over and over but I do not like the fact that I couldn't just wipe off the stain just like what you can do on vinyl tablecloth. I didn't like the fact that I have to get if off and wash it as as soon as it is stained because I do not like seeing a nasty tablecloth while we are eating at the table!

So what I am planning to do this time is still buy another vinyl tablecloth but put a clear plastic on top so it will at least last for a while! I really like this tablecloth and hopefully there is still one available just like this at Walmart!

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