Fun At The Fair!

Our trip to the State Fair last Friday was a blast! The whole family went, including my mother-in-law! I was truly impressed of her (mother-in-law) because in spite of the fact that she is on oxygen and carrying a tank, she rode some of the rides that I have never thought she would ever ride! I am not talking about the kiddy rides, I mean she rode two of those gut-wrenching rides like the Scrambler and Pirate Ship! Below are the proofs!
My mother-in-law and oldest son on the Scrambler ride!

My mother-in-law and I on a Pirate Ship ride...
The first picture although it seems like it's not much, well trust me, it is much! I didn't even have the guts to ride on it because I am pretty sure that if I had rode on it, I would have thrown up! That thing was spinning so fast and looks like it will throw you out anytime! The second ride was the Pirate Ship ride. I rode on it last year and thought that it would be fun to do it again! Well, it was fun alright but won't be doing it again in the future! I guess I do not have that much guts anymore like I used to have for I got really scared on the Pirate Ship ride this time! I was screaming the whole time while my mother-in-law was so calm!

Now for a woman who is almost 70 years old and on oxygen, that is pretty hardcore and impressive right there! I cannot get over that she really rode on those rides! LOL!

Anyhow, I must admit that trip to the Fair was exhausting, it involved a lot of walking, but it was all worth it for we had so much fun especially the boys! More pictures of the trip below..

Just got in! Ready to have some fun!

My youngest son and I on the Caterpillar ride, this was his first ride!

My oldest son on a bungy jump! He had so much fun on this and wanted to do it again but it cost $7!

The Flying Circus ride! My oldest son had to ride it three times, that's how much he loved that ride!

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hope to make it to our state fair this year

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