Garbage Are Gone Finally!

I feel so relieved that the garbage that's been piling for almost a month outside are finally dumped where they belong, at the DUMPSTER! I just hate seeing our yard looking like it was for how many weeks. We do not have a garbage disposal service where we live for we live way out in the country and I believe that garbage disposal service is only available in the city. So me and my mother-in-law goes to the dump every two weeks to throw our garbage.

There are times that we couldn't go to the dump on schedule due to some things that are beyond our control like when it's raining or me or my mother-in-law don't feel too good to go! But when it piles like it did for how many weeks, I make so much effort to get rid off it no matter what because I do not like to see our backyard looking like nobody cares! Thank goodness, I don't have to see it whenever I go out to the backyard!

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texas_sweetie said...

hala saon? ingon ana kahasol sa basura day? may kay di manimaho, nga ug kami ma missed lang usa ka garbage day pick up agoy isog kau baho kay u know na akong mga basura kay mga pan os nga pagkaon or tinai sa isda haha imagina perting kabaho ana

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