Hammock And Chain Stuffed Toys Organizers

I have been looking for a stuffed toys organizer that would not take that much space in my kids bedroom and I found this Hammock organizer online. You can hang it in a corner so it doesn't really take that much space. I have been putting it off buying it because I wanted to get the best deal. So I have just been looking around until last week on Ebay, I stumbled upon this kit which happened to be a Hammock plus a chain organizer. The kit cost a little over $14 with free shipping! I knew that was the deal that I have been looking for so without any hesitation I bought it! 

It arrived earlier today and immediately went to work! It wasn't hard to install at all. It probably took me about 45 minutes to 1 hour to do everything including screwing the hooks! That was the hardest part of the whole process! Good thing I didn't have to use the studs or it would have taken much longer!

Anyway, below are more pictures to maybe explain more of it..

Above picture as you can see are what's inside the kit..a hammock, clothes pins with metal hooks to hook onto the chain, chain and hooks and studs...
 These are my kids stuffed toys! They would have been fine just sitting there at the bottom of the bed but there are little hands who have an easy access to these and always messes them up and throws them on the floor and who do you think picks it up? Of course me and I'm getting tired of it! LOL!
This is what it looks like now! I decided to put it high up to the ceiling so the little hands won't be able to get them easily! He'll have to climb to the top bunk bed to get to those toys! By the way I took off the ladder to the bunk bed, so there's no way he can climb up there!

 And here is the chain! I thought this is so neat! You can hang it vertically or horizontally. I decided to hang it horizontally across the ceiling so my oldest son will have an easy access to his favorite toys while the little one can't reach it!

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Anne Sanborn said...

this is sooooooooo neat.... cute na gali ang duyan plus napa jud chains... lurv it. might consider buying it for my girls too kung ma luag luag na ang bulsa

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