Heater On In The Morning And A/C On In The Afternoon

I do not like the weather when I have to turn on the heater in the morning because of the chill to me is unbearable! You can definitely feel it to the bone even inside the house! But as the day goes on, the weather gets really hot that we have to turn on the A/C! To me, it's a waste of electricity but it is something that we have to do because it gets uncomfortable after a while. I wish the weather would just stabilize to its right season which is Fall, so that we do not have to turn on the A/C in the afternoon!

Our temperature still reaches over 80 degrees during the day but it gets really cold in the morning! I can tolerate the chill as long as it won't get so hot when it gets later in the day! But as usual, it is something that I don't have control of, so I am just whining here and wishing that I can do something about it!

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