Thank GOD it's Friday! I couldn't be any happier! I am getting a break from waking up so early tomorrow. God knows I need it. I haven't been sleeping good lately! Last night I didn't sleep a wink. When I put my kids to sleep at 8pm, I also went to sleep and woke up about almost 12am and decided to have a cup of coffee. Usually a cup of coffee wouldn't affect me, but last night was different. When my husband and I decided to go to bed at about 2am, my eyes were wide awake until about time to get up at 6am! 

I couldn't get my mind to shut down, I was thinking so many different things but mostly about my family in the Philippines! I guess I am missing them really bad. I haven't talked to my mother for a very long time and I miss her a lot. She was mostly on my mind last night, I got so worried about her and kept praying to GOD to keep her safe always! My husband asked me if something was bothering me, I told him no, I just didn't think that it would make any difference.

Anyway, when my oldest son left for school, I finally got to sleep for about an hour, thank goodness my youngest one went back to sleep with me! That was my only chance of getting a sleep until his nap time which is in the afternoon! But to my surprise though, I didn't feel that bad with that little sleep that I had!

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