They Get To Use Their Old Halloween Costumes!

Thank goodness I don't have to buy my kids new Halloween costumes. The Pirate costume that I bought my youngest son last year fortunately still fits, so that's what he'll be wearing this year. My oldest son will be wearing his Mario costume from 2 years back, although it is a little too short on him now, it still fits fine. I just have to find him a pair of boots that he can wear with it so it won't be too obvious that it is short! Hopefully the cowboy boots that my mother-in-law bought him last year would still fit him...

Anyway, Halloween is just around the corner. Are you going or taking your kids trick or treating? I am planning my kids to take to the mall to trick or treat, hopefully we can go. A lot of things going on for that day. It is also my husband's birthday and my son's field trip for their Science experiment at school. So I'll have to see if time will permit us to go trick or treating to the mall, I would really love to and I'm sure my kids would too!

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