Vehicle Can Be Used As An Investment

Our only vehicle which is a 2003 Toyota Corolla  is partly damaged! My oldest son accidentally jerked the back door handle really hard while it was locked and it broke the side that is connected to the door. My husband tried gluing it but nothing worked! A week later, while I was at the grocery when I tried opening it really carefully, it finally broke the handle completely off the door! Now, we do not have that much choice but to take it the Toyota place to have it repaired. We know that it's not gonna be cheap but it is something that has to be done for we won't be able to afford a new one.

Although our car is over 10 years old, it is still in pretty good shape.  There's no major cosmetic damage except for the handle that broke off recently. The last time my husband did an estimation on how much it's worth, it is still worth around 5k. Well that was about 3 years ago, I'm sure it's not as much this time. But it is still very important that we get the handle fix because we can always use our car as an investment in the future. If there is an emergency that would require us to loan money, we can always use the car title to take   title loans in Riverside, CA! Places like it will allow you to get loan using your car as a collateral. The money that you'll get is depending on how much your car is worth! So what we'll be paying to fix the car door on our car will be worth it!

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