A New Microwave Finally

The microwave above used to be our old microwave that broke several days ago! We only had this microwave for a couple of years! I am really disappointed that it didn't last long at all. My husband is not surprised at all, he said that Emerson brand is not really that well-built and is cheaply made!

Anyway, we didn't have microwave for about 3 days and it was indeed very inconvenient not having it around. I don't know how people survived without it before. I guess people aren't as lazy compared to the people now! LOL! No offense but myself included in it too! LOL!

Anyhow, I kept bugging my husband to either to look at the old microwave to see what's wrong with it and if he could fix it or just get a new microwave! Well, he did both. He took apart the old microwave and looked at inside to see if it is something that he can fix himself and unfortunately it wasn't! So we didn't have any choice but to go to Lowe's and buy a new one. We were both in an agreement to get a much more expensive one but it is also a well-known brand which is GE and all-over stainless steel too which me and him both love! Our old one was part stainless steel but the majority was plastic, so we are really loving our new microwave!

We took our new one home and hubby got it its place and when he started it the, dang bulb in it blew out! He knows a lot about electronics and he was very sure that the bulb might not have been on tight because it caused our circuit breaker to blew too! He called Lowe's and told him what had happened and they said to bring it back so we can exchange it for a different one! So we did and got exactly the same one, went home and tried and it works perfect!

Below is what our new microwave looks like! It is almost identical to the old one but like I said, the new one is all stainless steel! We love our new microwave! Hopefully this will last longer than the old one!

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Anne Sanborn said...

it's a beauty! ang cons lang sa stainless steel appliances no kay dali kau manglakra ang mga hanprints, ang mga tulo tulo sa drinks ug pagkaon ug uban pa. kapoy limpyo hehe

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