A Successful 2nd Birthday Celebration!

My youngest son turned 2 years old 2 days ago and it was a successful birthday celebration! He had a blast on his special day despite of not feeling too well. For some reason, he started getting sick when he woke up that morning. His nose started running the day before and I thought it was just allergy but when it didn't go away the next morning, I knew then he caught the cold again! 

Anyway, we started his birthday by going to church that morning, before the mass was over, he got very ornery. So we had to leave immediately as soon as the mass was over! When we got home, I had to cook the food and all! Good thing that I already had the decorations up the night before and thank goodness my oldest son helped me set it up. He had a Yo Gabba Gabba theme this year which he really loved!

His birthday was just a very simple celebration but yet he enjoyed every seconds of it and I did too and my family! I only invited my friend, her husband and daughter who lives just down the road from us. He loved all the presents that he got. What impressed me was, he was not only interested in opening the presents but he also showed interest on his birthday cards which I haven't seen that much that kids his age do! I mean he doesn't know how to read yet but he acted like he did!

Anyhow, here are more pictures below taken from his birthday! I haven't uploaded much of his birthday pictures on Facebook because of all the commotions going on in the Philippines. The last thing that I want to happen is to offend anybody for I really care what my fellow Filipinos are going through right now. Such hardship a lot of them are facing and I really feel for them! We just don't know when to be thankful for the things that we take for granted everyday!

Trying to read his card..

He loves to watch Barney and he got so excited to see Barney and Friends toys..
Enjoying a piece of cake on one hand and ice cream on the other hand! LOL!

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